Updated: 12th September 2019

The primary purpose here is to provide a resource others can use to find help specifically in the usage of the CTS Wardrobe and Archive products.

In SL I am known as Amberle (Lilith Lupindo), I used to go by the display name “Purrs Like A Kitten” hence the name of this site. I am partnered in Second Life to Miss Colleen. Although she is not actively involved in this website, she does support me in my desire to help others, especially when it comes to the CTS Wardrobe system, GA.EG Mesh Heads and my views on viewers and how to reduce that LAG monster. Our Bio’s are hosted on our Blog.

SL for Miss Colleen and I is very much an augmented reality for discovery, exploration, shopaholic and live music as well as simply hanging out, you know none drama fun stuff. Another major component is our role play as a Domme/submissive couple under the banner House of Ethereal Seduction.

I review all pages on average every 6 months to see if they require updates generally around March and September. The only exception here is Q’s Shopping Event List, this is constantly updated between 1-2 times a week.

Hugs Amberle.

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