Welcome, in SL I am known as Amberle (Lilith Lupindo) and partnered to Miss Colleen. If you wish to skip the preamble scroll down “Site index”.

SL for Miss and I is very much an augmented reality for role play, discovery, exploration, shopaholic and live music as well as simply hanging out, you know none drama fun stuff.

I have also found SL to be a place were I find myself addicted to the amazing creations from the vast number of original content creators. I say original cause I am not overly keen on the whole prefab full perm mesh market. In saying that I do see textures as a form of content creation and I do buy some of these re-textured prefabs from certain content creators based on their skills as graphical artists.

This leads me into one of my other 2 loves in SL, yep its my addiction for SL Fashion and my Mesh Body/Head combo. I thought my addiction in RL was bad enough, in SL its at whole new level, in fact I would say its boarder line obsessive. This raises the horrible issue most SL users have to deal with, keeping the inventory monster in check.

So how do I keep the monster in the closet, ironically I use what I consider are the best set of utilities for inventory management any self addicted SL shoperholic should own. The CTS Wardrobe and CTS Archive systems by Carlyle Theas Solutions.

The other reasons as I mentioned above is my mesh body and head combo. I really didn’t have much of an issue with body, however cause I went with a GA.EG bento head I found little help around other than what GA.EG have documented on there website.

Hence the reason for creating this resource site which up until September 25th 2018 was hosted on my old blogger site.

If you want to know a brief on who is Amberle (lilith lupindo) then have a read of my About Me page.

Background image: Bryn Oh’s The Daughter of Gears. Here

Hugs Amberle.

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Updated: 30th October 2018