Updated: 5th July 2019


Welcome, in SL I am known as Amberle (Lilith Lupindo) and partnered to Miss Colleen. If you wish to skip the preamble scroll down “Site index”.

SL for Miss and I is very much an augmented reality for role play, discovery, exploration, shopaholic and live music as well as simply hanging out, you know none drama fun stuff.

I have also found SL to be a place were I find myself addicted to the amazing creations from the vast number of original content creators. I say original cause I am not overly keen on the whole prefab full perm mesh market. In saying that I do see textures as a form of content creation and I do buy some of these re-textured prefabs from certain content creators based on their skills as graphical artists.

This leads me into one of my other 2 loves in SL, yep its my addiction for SL Fashion and my Mesh Body/Head combo. I thought my addiction in RL was bad enough, in SL it’s a whole new level, I would say its boarder line obsessive. This raises the horrible issue most SL users have, how you keep the inventory monster in check.

So how do I keep the monster in the closet, ironically I use the CTS Wardrobe and Archive systems by Carlyle Theas Solutions.

I do try and keep the help pages updated, well by that I mean I generally review them every 6 months. At the top or bottom right of each page is the last time the page was update so use this as a guide as how accurate the information may be.

If you want to know a brief on who is Amberle (lilith lupindo) then have a read of my About Me page.

Background image: Bryn Oh’s The Daughter of Gears. Here

Hugs Amberle.

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