Updated: 5th May 2022

About this Website

The focus of this site is to provide walk through tutorials and general help to assist others with CTS Wardrobe, Rulebook and Archive along with RLVa basics.

I am co-owner of the Alley Catz Club with my partner JPeabody.

In addition I do cover subjects like Bakes on Mesh, Updating to Mesh Bodies/Heads, Catznip SL viewer etc that may assist others.

I also provide several pages for those who use AK ADVX, GA.EG #HDgenX and Lelutka EvoX heads with some generic tidbits.


Like the seasonal cycles of Solstice and Equinox, I have found myself in 2021 in a new season, changing my display from Amberle to Mareth is my way of letting go of the old season. This new season is one I am sharing with J, most will know him as JP or JPeabody. My current and previous display names have been based on key female figures from the book series The Sword of Shannara Trilogy by Author Terry Brooks.

How does one describe Mareth (Lilith Lupindo), read on for a more in depth glimpse of who Mareth is in SL.

Welcome to my wonder-verse of nonsense, madness & insanity, expect to be confronted with strange, often disturbing, sometimes twisted humor coupled with random encounters of silliness. Adventuring in “Mareth’s Wonderland of Madness” may effect ones brain cells as you experience a divergence of your mind. Yes, you probably guessed it, I am a huge fan of anything “Alice in Wonderland”. If there was a mashup of Alice, Cyberpunk and Steampunk, I would be in heaven.

On a more serious note, SL for me, is a “hybrid MMORPG/Augmented (alternate) Reality,” one that I share with JP. I am fairly easy to get along with and my tolerance of others is fairly high. It actually takes a lot for someone to end up on my dark side. For those who do cross lines and end up on my dark side, I’m not one to bite back, I just shrug it of and disassociate simply cause its just a waste of my time to even engage in childish online drams.

I do not accept friend requests or offer friend requests in SL easily, my view of the SL friends functionality is that it is more an associate function. Those who are on my friends list who I converse with on a regular basis are those I consider friends.

I tend to stir and banter with those who I have developed some kind of association with, those who I connect with in a more deeper way may encounter my poly-flirtatious personality. Before you get too excited, with “Cool, OMG, she is a flirt and just happens to be submissive” that does not mean anything will evolve. In fact it wont evolve, I am totally devoted to my SL partner.

My Discord ID: Mareth#3278

I will leave you with a bit of psychology 101.

“You realize you know too much about psychology when it occurs you’re no longer able to become angry with people because you understand everyone’s reasons for doing everything, for they often do not understand the reasons they do it or they do not even know they do it “

“When you are dead, You don’t know that you are dead, It is difficult only for others, It is the same when you are stupid”

Profile Pics through the years (ones that I have kept).

Hugs Mareth (lilith.lupindo)

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