Updated: 25th June 2020

My main focus for this is to provide walk through tutorials and general help to assist others with CTS Wardrobe/Archive. I also cover some basics to help those who use GA.EG heads with some generic tidbits of information related mainly too Omega appliers and BoM Layers.

On average each page is vetted every 6-12 months to check associated links etc with the main review occurring between February – March followed by a minor review around September.

I have taken Q’s Shopping Event List offline as it is now maintained on the Wardrobe groups Get It Sorted Discord server #Shopping channel. https://discord.gg/Z8kUVzh

Who is Amberle. I used to go by the SL display name “Purrs Like A Kitten” hence the name of this site. Now I am simply known as “Amberle” and happily partnered in Second Life to Miss Colleen. Our Bio’s are hosted on our Blog (Bios are safe but the rest of the blog is NSFW).

Link to Amberle’s Bio

Link to Colleen’s Bio

Hugs Amberle (lilith.lupindo)

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