Alley Catz Club & Ascension Lighting

Every Monday @ 3:00am SLT – Retrospective Singularity : Traverse the lensing effect of music, dance & light

Every Friday @ 3:00am SLT – Main Stage

I am Co-owner and Manager of the Alley Catz Club, the driving force behind Ascension Lighting. After several discussions it was decided to move these pages from here to simply because its much easier to maintain them there cause of the Co-ownership. The reason behind this decision was mainly based on the fact that I DO NOT allow anyone to have UPDATE access to this website.

I now maintain this single page here as a portal to the following two links.

Alley Catz Club

Ascension Lighting

Static Test Video will give you an idea of the venue in operation with lighting in AUTO mode via TIS StreamSync

Club has been rebuilt since this test video was captured

Alley Catz Club

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