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Mesh Body: I only comment on several popular brands below, for a more up to date list of female and male mesh body creators visit the MBA.

Altamura: [I do own the Sophia body which I picked up when on sale. Something to note if you do go down this path is that often Maitreya fitted clothing works fine on Altamura bodies, just make sure you try the demos. At this stage I haven’t really spent much time playing with it. I hope to have time in 2019].

[Males: Worth checking out, however based on the fact that clothing is so hard for guys as it is. Its possibly easier to stick with one of the more popular bodies].

Belleza: – [Females: If I had gone down this path I would have acquired Isis or Freya over Venus. In my opinion the Belleza Universal HuD is by far the best body HuD around].

[Males: Add the Jake body to your short list to Demo. I did demo this for a friend with GA.EG Demon and Even Bento heads using various different skins and all combos worked well].

Maitreya – Is my #1 recommendation cause this is what I use as my main body.

  1. Tends to be the most widely support body by designers.
  2. Found there are also a lot of designers who fall into the “only for Maitreya” category.
  3. Great option if you plan to get a Lelutka mesh head and simply want to use the inHuD skin variations.
  4. Tends to rez quicker than other bodies.
  5. HuD is relatively simple to use and easy to read when using a laptop.
  6. Autohide Tool Kit for automatic toggling of alphas is a must have.
Signature: [Females: Did not like the body shape at all so I really didn’t demo it to make any comment].

[Males: Add the Gianni body to your short list to Demo. Although I personally think Belleza is by far a better overall package. The decision may come down to the simple fact of going with this body cause it is popular and there is a lot of fitted clothing for it. I demoed it with the same GA.EG and LeLutka heads I used when demoing the Belleza body].

Slink: [Females: I was not impressed at the time I was picking a body for myself. I will say the new HuD is a huge improvement over its successor however by the time you add hands and feet you do get a sense of why all the HuD’s and not a single HuD. One major pro is Slinks implementation of their alpha autohide functionality is the easiest of all bodies to use].

[Males: Worth demoing, but I think Belleza or Signature will ultimately be more popular and therefore have a larger selection of fitted clothing. Same issue here when you add hands and feet as with the female body, once again major pro here is the implementation of the alpha autohide functionality].

Niramyth: [Males only: I call it the “Steroid Junkie Body”. It can look good if work is put into it, unfortunately most males don’t spend the time to make it look good, hence the nickname. At the time I looked at it a major con was no it did not support Omega].

Bento Mesh Head: I only comment on several popular brands below, for a more up to date list of female and male mesh body creators visit the MBA.

AK: [Female & Male: I had a brief look and did purchase one of the anniversary $1 heads. I do like these heads however have not really spent the time playing to comment on].

Altamura: [Female & Male: I do own the Aggie Bento head which I picked up when on sale. At this stage I haven’t really spent much time playing with it. I hope to have time in 2019 to at least look at using it as an alternative to my other heads. I also picked up the Giselle head at eBento Dec 2017 when it was on sale for $1L. In addition I do have Mia full body/head combo. I would say if your going Altamura for body its certainly worth going with one of their heads].

Catwa: [Female & Male: I did like Catya however the overall package just did not impress me. The HuD UI to me is what lets these heads down. Its also hard to visualise the heads when the demos have all those alpha segments].

Fiore: [Female only: I did love the look and I did keep going back and forth for some time. In the end it just didn’t hit that sweet spot. If your after a European featured face then these certainly are way ahead of the others].

GA.EG: – [Female & Male: Is my #1 recommendation cause this is what I use as my main head. I own both Barbara and Mia. I am unashamedly Bias and will always recommend these over any other head].

  1. They have a more defined feature of facial beauty, I feel they look more natural and closer match the classic avatar look.
  2. Customisation of head shape and features is excellent allowing for individuality.
  3. HuD designs are excellent, easy to read when using a laptop. By far one of the best HuD systems around.
  4. Addon packs can easily be added or removed from the Smart and Animation HuD’s.
  5. Cheaper initial buy cost is 2K less than others.

Only down side with GA.EG is finding skin appliers, I have spent considerable time locating skins and will continue to do so. For more info read the skin section in the Kitten Style: Skins, Cosmetics, Nails & Tattoos page.

Genesis Lab: [Female & Male: I really like these, my only issue here was lack of Omega support. For me that made it a NO. On the upside there are plenty of appliers out there for Genesis so if Omega is not a key requirement for you its worth looking at these].

LAQ: [Female Only: I certainly count these equal alongside GA.EG as my favourites. Easy to use with seamless built in Omega support. If I wasn’t so bias towards GA.EG, I would use these heads].

Lelutka: [Female & Male: I have one of these bento heads for my ALT as it was such an easy option to couple it with the Maitreya body and use the in HuD skins. I really didn’t want to spend a lot on my ALT as its used mainly as a Demoing dummy].

Signature: [Female & Male: I really got the feeling the heads are an after thought. Still if you go down the Signature body path it is a one stop seamless option].

Updated: 25th September 2018

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