Updated: 26th September 2019

One of the key features of a Mesh body that I initially loved was how easy it was to toggle alpha layers on or off. For sometime this was how I tweaked the alphas when I changed clothing. Then I discovered through group chat that there was a free Auto-Hiding Kit available. Instantly I could see the potential of how I could use this to make using my mesh body even easier by automating the setting of alpha layers.

The Auto-Hiding Kit can be found in world at the Maitreya store, on the wall near the Maitreya Lara body vendor.

The expanded instructions on this page are the ones I wrote explaining how I use the AutoHide Kit in conjunction with my usage of both Open Collar and the CTS Wardrobe system to add/detach clothing.

Update: I have made a Maitreya Alpha Reset HUD that auto detaches when worn. For details of how I use this, visit my CTS Wardrobe base outfit page. If anyone would like a copy then IM me.

Basically I choose to create addable AutoHide HuD’s, there are 6 key reasons as to why I do it this way.

  1. Clothing has to be MOD to drop the script into the clothing, not all clothing is.
  2. I would not even consider inserting a script into NOCOPY clothing such as Gacha.
  3. Clothing has to be REZ enabled to add the script, a lot of clothing have anti REZ scripts in them.
  4. A substantial amount of my clothing comes with color changing scripts and an associated HuD, I found during testing when adding the autohide script it often broke the functionality of the clothing HuD.
  5. I wanted the flexibility to un-hide layers independent of detaching clothing. In my case for Role play I can simply right click the AutoHide HuD and detach.
  6. Updates = maintenance, I didn’t want to be bogged down with having to be forced to update an outfit, by doing it as a HuD it is a separate item.

I have created 3 template objects, I use Alpha A1 for most clothing, 2 & 3 for additional layers when clothing comes with additional options. They all attach to HUD Centre 2 however I have edited their positions to locate bottom right.

I am happy to give people copies of my templates as well as my Maitreya Alpha Reset HUD, if so then simply send me an IM or drop me a NC.

  • Maitreya Mesh Body AutoHide V4 HuD [Alpha A1]
  • Maitreya Mesh Body AutoHide V4 HuD [Alpha A2]
  • Maitreya Mesh Body AutoHide V4 HuD [Alpha A3]

In my inventory in the item folder, I create a sub folder called .AutoHide HuD and place the HuD’s here.

In my CTS Wardrobe I give any item that includes an Autohide HuD a special tag called Alpha/AutoHide HuD [A#] were # = to the number 1, 2 or 3. This way I can easily see if I need to manage the alphas myself or if its handled automatically and which HuD object and/or objects I am using.

For clothing that is purchased with inbuilt auto hide functionality, for these I use a special tag called Alpha/Maitreya AutoHide/Enabled.

Finaly for clothing that I use the Mairtreya HuD segments or slots I tag as Alpha/Maitreya HuD/[Segment:xxxx] were xxxx = the segment or Alpha/Maitreya HuD[Slot #] were # = to the slot number etc.

My Wardrobe QR

You can view my wardrobes public link via the QR code or clicking HERE. If your not familiar with the CTS Wardrobe system then have a read of My CTS Wardrobe Tutorial. I do go into a fair amount of detail as to how I use the wardrobe.

My expanded instructions on setting up an Autohide HuD for an item in my CTS Wardrobe. This process takes me approximately 30 seconds to do.

  1. Take off all clothing and boots.
  2. Open the Maitreya Mesh Body HuD and select the Alpha layer tab.
  3. Select SHOW ALL and then wear the new clothing/outfit or boots. If alpha’s toggle then this means there is inbuilt auto hide functionality and you only need to continue if you want to hide additional components.
  4. Now simply toggle everything that needs to be hidden, as hidden.
  5. Rez the relevant AutoHide HuD object on the ground near your feet, if your using copies of mine they are small when rezzed so you will need to cam in.
  6. Drag and drop the Maitreya AutoHide BodyFaces V4 script from inventory to the object just rezzed. Alternative, right click and edit the object, click on the contents tab, then drag and drop the script into contents.
  7. Touch the object and select GET ALPHA from the menu, the script will now read the alpha layer settings, the following message in local is displayed when complete. “Maitreya Mesh Body AutoHide V4 HuD [A#]: Alpha loaded from body’s current state”.
  8. Optional step 1: Back on the Maitreya Mesh Body HuD, select SHOW ALL.
  9. Optional step 2: Touch the Rezzed object again and select TEST ALPHA from the menu, the relevant alphas will toggle to hidden. If something is not working then fix toggle alphas and redo step 7.
  10. Touch the Rezzed object once more and select FINALIZE.
  11. Optional step: Right click the object, select Open, now right click the script and select Properties then un-check TRANS and close the 2 dialog boxes.
  12. Take the object back into inventory (it will show as no modify), Move or Cut/Paste to the folder were the outfit is, in my case to the .AutoHide HuD subfolder.
  13. Back on the Maitreya Mesh Body HuD, select SHOW ALL.
  14. In inventory add the object, it will add as a HuD and you should see the relevant alphas toggle.

Basically from now on, when the folder containing the outfit is added the new HuD object will also be added and your alpha’s will toggle. When the folder is detached the HuD object is detached and the alpha’s are toggled once again.