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Updated: 29th August 2019

This page was birthed from the many discussions that occur in the GA.EG support group over finding 3rd party skins and is focused on GA.EG heads. Sorry guys it is geared more at the girls.

Thanks Elle for the link on the GA.EG Omega Support Page.

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HINT: If you want to skip all the preamble info then scroll down to Additional Help

You can view the appliers I currently use for Barbara or Mia here (NSFW). Note: I do need to update this view as I no-longer use Hush as I believe they have closed down.

Mesh Bodies and Heads

I cover the process I went through upgrading from classic Avatar to a Mesh Avatar on my Kitten Style: Mesh Body/Head Upgrades page. It is a more in-depth look as to why I went with a GA/EG/Maitreya combo.

I do cover some body and head stores on my Kitten Style: Body & Head Stores page .


As you will have discovered there are so many skins to choose from, its often overwhelming and confusing, making the decision time consuming and difficult. All I can say here is, personal preference is the key.

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision of what look you are after.

Secondly, you need to have the patience demoing a variety of skins before you purchase.

Obviously the simplest first option in most cases is to buy the body applier packs from the store you purchased your head from. In most cases its a cost effective way to obtain 8 or more tone options. This is certainly the case for GA.EG.

The next option is to go with a 3rd party skin. It is important that you buy matching head and body appliers as this will generally resolve any issues with your neck line.

In terms of neck line issues, I find most people struggle cause they are either;

  1. Not using matching skin appliers.
  2. They are using low quality skin textures.
  3. They are using a neck fix or blender when they do not need to use one.

It is also important when demoing and/or working on your avatar’s look you should use a windlight setting that is optimized for skin for example “CalWL” or “Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim”. Using these remove the environmental impacts many windlight settings cast on your Avatar that can effect how you see your neck line.

In most you will find you will be fine. If however you do have neck line issues then I would follow these steps;

  1. Are you using matching body/head appliers? If NOT then resolve this before going any further.
  2. Do you have neck fix toggled “ON” in one of your HUD’s, if so then toggle “Off”.
  3. Do you have a neck blender object attached. If then detach.
  4. Is it a Fat value issue between Shape/Body/Head? Check the NC that came with the head to see if these should be set at a certain value. If not then edit your shape and set them all to the same value then adjust till it looks correct.
  5. Check your neck size against your body, adjust till its in proportion.
  6. Has this recently started to happen? Sometimes thinks go a bit wonky in SL, you may need to unpack a fresh copy of you body or head.
  7. Head/body combo, some just don’t work well.

What Appliers do I Use

For bodies I always tend to buy specific body appliers when available before buying Omega appliers.

For heads I always buy Omega appliers.

Skins I currently Use

In alphabetic order other than the GA.EG tones I mainly look for GA.EG-Omega, LAQ-Omega, Logo-Omega or Generic-Omega appliers from the following 3 skin creators.

Cosmetics I currently Use

I tend to use the GA.EG HUD or GA.EG addons as much as possible. The main exception is I sometimes find myself buying Lipstick and eyeliner appliers from stores such as Pink Fuel as I do find they can work better when using skins from their store.

Eyes I currently Use

I use iKon, sometimes Avi Glam.

Nails I currently Use

I use the je suis Bento Nail System for finger nails and Dark Passions – Koffin Nail appliers for toe nails.

My ALT Account

This is way simpler, since she is my Crash Test Demoing Dummy that I use to go to grab body and head demos I only made her presentable as cheap as possible.

She has a Lelutka head and Maitreya body using the in HUD Glam Affair skin tones. I may upgrade her at some point to either a GA.EG, LAQ or Genus head or even go down the Altamura full Body/Head combo path.

Additional Help

I have tested a wide range of Omega based appliers on all my heads and found in most cases they all work fine. I do find that when not going with a Omega applier modeled on a GA.EG head,  the ones modeled on LAQ and Logo heads work better than ones modeled for other head brands.

You will see at the end of each store listed below an encapsulated notation [#number – Name, Names], this indicates the appliers I found worked best at the time I demoed a given store. They are the ones I would purchase or have purchased.

  • [1] Denotes stores that sell GA.EG-Omega, these tend to always work well with GA.EG cosmetic addons.
  • [2] Denotes stores that sell Generic-Omega, LAQ-Omega or Logo-Omega were they may with GA.EG cosmetic addons, see “Omega Appliers & Cosmetics” below.
  • [3] Denotes stores that sell Generic-Omega, LAQ-Omega or Logo-Omega were you find the cosmetics sold in the store work better than the GA.EG cosmetic addons, especially Lipsticks and eyeliners.

The term <creator-Omega> means its Omega but modeled on a specific head. It will apply to any Omega head, it is more the question, does the blush and cheek contouring work, do the corners of the eyes and lip size work with GA.EG cosmetics. If they don’t it generally means you need to purchase Omega cosmetic appliers for that skin range from the store instead of using the GA.EG cosmetics and addons.

NOTE: Now that GA.EG has updated its HUD and you can do a lot more color picking without using addons the issues I describe above may be less than they used to be. I just don’t have the time to go back and re-demo things.

“SLurl’s may be out-of-date”

Omega Appliers & Cosmetics

This list is in Alphanumeric order and is not an exhaustive list. There are many more 3rd party skin creators that I have not sampled demos from and therefore will not be listed here.

  1. Ae (Adam n Eve) (GA.EG-Omega, LAQ-Omega) [1/2 – basically any of them]
  2. Alaskametro (Generic-Omega) [3 – Sunny]
  3. Avada (Generic-Omega) [2 – Damaris & Mireille]
  4. CH Desgin (Generic-Omega) [3 – Mariela & Mariela (Nairobi) Special Edition]
  5. Esode – (Generic-Omega) – have not
  6. Essences (Generic-Omega) [3 – Tania]
  7. Fallen Gods (Generic-Omega) [3 – Fantasy skins]
  8. Izzie’s (LAQ-Omega, Logo-Omega) [3 – Anne, Chloe]
  9. Lara Hurley (Logo-Omega, Genesis) [3 – Aria]
  10. LAQ (LAQ, Generic-Omega) [3 – Jannie2, Nellie, Tasha2]
  11. Lumae (Catwa-Omega, GAEG-Omega, LeLutka-Omega, Universal-Omega) [1 – Elvi, Misty] [2 – Eirtae, Elentari Universal/Fantasy]
  12. Lure (Generic-Omega,) [2 – Rebecca & Emily, Fantasy skins Amia, Gaze, Kalini & Talon]
  13. Petit Chambre (Generic-Omega) [3 – Yura]
  14. Pink Fuel (Logo-Omega) [3 – Doll V2, Kiyomi, Morgana & Sora, Fantasy skin Drow]P
  15. Ritual (LAQ-Omega) [2 – Elspeth]
  16. theSkinnery (Generic-Omega) [have not demoed]
  17. Verve (Generic-Omega) [2 – Alexia & Mina]
  18. YS&YS (LAQ-Omega, Logo-Omega) [3 – Noemi]
  19. 7 Deadly Skins (GA.EG-Omega, LAQ-Omega) [have not demoed]

For the Guys, when I come across something specifically relevant for GA.EG heads I will add it here.

  1. Nivaro (GA.EG-Omega)

Cosmetics, Eyes, Nails & Tattoo Appliers

  1. Addicted to Ink
  2. Arise
  3. Artery
  4. Avi Glam (eyes)
  5. Carol G
  6. Dark Passions – Koffin Nails [Closed for rebuild: Use Temp Store]
  7. Dazed
  8. Etched Body Arts
  9. Evermore
  10. Hello Dave
  11. Identity
  12. iKon (eyes)
  13. je suis (bento Nail system)
  14. Juna
  15. Kosmetik
  16. Letis
  17. Livia
  18. Mesanger
  19. Mercier
  20. Nanika
  21. Pichi
  22. Pin Up
  23. Pout
  24. Queen of Ink
  25. Savage
  26. SlackGirl
  27. Shiny Stuffs
  28. VYC Homme
  29. White Widow
  30. X-Form
  31. Yuyoo

For the Guys, when I come across something specifically relevant for GA.EG heads I will add it here.

  1. CDC Creations (Generic-Omega)
  2. BaaaH & Hipster Style (GA.EG-Omega, Generic-Omega)


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