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Updated: 29th January 2022
If you need assistance beyond anything documented on these pages then ask in either the discord server or SL group. There are plenty of Wardrobe users who will be able to assist. I also suggest you look through the Wardrobe FAQ.

This tutorial is mainly geared around getting started using the Clothing Type System of dressing, not the default Attachment Point System. You will however find a good portion of this tutorial relevant to both dressing systems.

Current Versions

You can purchase CTS Wardrobe, Rulebook or Archive from vendors at my Club. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hogadon/69/160/1701

Wardrobe v2.8.6

Remember to replace links when you update your Wardrobe HUD and if you have it LOCKED, to re-lock it.

If you are an owner of the Rulebook Addon, you do need to reload Rulebook when updating your wardrobe HUD to a new version or replacing your current HUD with a re-delivery.

You also need to check and update any in-world Closets or Custom Wardrobe Display Boards if you are not running the version that is delivered with the Wardrobe package.

Rulebook v1.8

Before updating to a new version of Rulebook, please ensure you are running the current version of Wardrobe.

Archive v1.4

Archive is both a stand-a-lone product and one that will integrate with Wardrobe to either backup or archive items to an in-world cabinet.

In addition to supporting the three CTS product listed above, I can also support the CTS Xash Club Management System since I do use this system to manage the club my partner and I own. Alley Catz Live Music & Dance Club

Intro & Preamble

Before you start, you need to understand that these pages are not a concise tutorial of all Wardrobe features, options and/or methodologies of using the system.

With the exception of sticking within the nuances of the RLV/RLVa API, there really isn’t a right or wrong way of doing things, it’s more about each user setting up Wardrobe to function how they want it to function. Therefore, my advice for any wardrobe user is, listen to the advice of seasoned wardrobe users and then adapt that advise into a solution of using wardrobe in a way that best suits your needs.

I can’t stress how important it is that individuals adopt a way that works best for how they wish to use Wardrobe. How I or others do it may not be what works for you.

I highly recommend watching Butta’s latest Youtube video as it covers a high level overview of newer features that are not covered on previous videos.

My Wardrobe QR

You can view my wardrobe public link via the QR code or clicking HERE. For me, CTS Wardrobe is my primary tool for dressing/(add) & undressing/(detach) and since it is fundamentally an RLV tool. I therefore place everything attachable within the #RLV\ folder path. I keep links to an absolute minimum, only using them for a handful of specific reasons, for example my Base Naked Avatar – No Hair, some HuD’s and alpha.mask layers due to how I split fatpacks/megapacks or my N9 collar etc.

NOTE: The original object, layer is also kept under the #RLV folder structure cause of limitations that prevents links from working correctly in some circumstances under RLV/RLVa.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering or is using any CTS product to join the Wardrobe in-world group and/or Discord server. There are plenty of experienced Wardrobians (name given to use by Isa Aristocrat) who are happy to help out anyone who requires advice.



If you use the Discord app you can also setup its overlay functionality for when your running a SL viewer. Here are a few helpful links.

If your new to Wardrobe and are wanting a walk through tutorial that helps with setting up from scratch, then you should follow Sections 1 through 6 of the tutorial. I have tried to write this in a way that can be used as you setup. If you don’t own CTS Wardrobe and your interested in purchasing it, there are links on the side bar of the parent pages.

Screen capture tools

Windows has a built in capture tool that you can find called Snipping Tool. Alternative to it the other tools I would recommend one of the following;

Sections I would like to add.

  • Locking
  • Brand Directory
  • Editing & Multi-Edit
  • Inventory Browser

I also recommend you watch Buttacwup Pwincess’s Wardrobe YouTube Video’s.

Quick Links to key pages.

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