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Updated: 5th July 2019

Early 2017 I contacted Carlyle and offered my services to be part of the wardrobe support team. That became the trigger to writing these pages which were originally hosted on blogger and now here. I am constantly tweaking these pages and hope they are written in an order that will assist as a tutorial for new Wardrobe users or as a general resource for seasoned Wardrobe users.

The purpose here is not to say this is how you should use the CTS Wardrobe system. It is to provide a glimpse into the way I use the system. My way is not the only way, each individual needs to adopt a way that is suited for them. For myself a key component was having a methodology that worked alongside my Open Collar and also provided me with the option to easily find things in inventory natively within the SL viewer. I also had a key requirement that it should be minimal effort to add new items. I didn’t want to get bogged down into a click frenzy of having consistent inventory management. Another key factor was having the flexibility to mix and match what I am wearing 99% of the time.

Once again, I will say “My way is just one way” of using the Wardrobe. Its “not the only way”, You need to find “your way that works for you”.

Images used within these pages maybe OUT-OF-DATE, main reason for this is I have begun the process of reworking my #RLV folder structure due to recent changes implemented with Peanut N9 for Open Collar as well as a general change of naming folders to guarantee every folder under the #RLV structure has a unique prefix key.

As of Peanut N9 for Open Collar there have been changes on how #RLV\<here>\ level folders function if they are prefixed with a (“.”) or (“/”). At present I am unsure if a (“+”) prefixed folder is still relevant.

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