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Updated: 30th October 2019

I have been a member of the wardrobe support team since early 2017 which became the trigger to writing these pages. These pages are not a concise document of all Wardrobe features, its more a step by step tutorial for the Wardrobe Novice or as a general resource for seasoned Wardrobe users.

The purpose here is not to say this is how you should use the CTS Wardrobe system. It is to provide a glimpse into the way I have the system configured and how I use it. My goal here is to provide a walk through of how to get started.

For myself a key component was having a methodology that worked alongside my Open Collar and also provided me with the option to easily find things in inventory natively within the SL viewer. I also had a key requirement that it should be minimal effort to add new items as well as easily perform updates to items when they are sent out (I.e Mesh bodies/heads). I also wanted the flexibility to mix and match what I am wearing 99% of the time without Wardrobe forcing me to wear a complete outfit.

My advice for anyone is; “My way is just one way, it is not the only way, your way needs to be what works for you.”

I can’t stress how important it is that individuals adopt a way that works best for how they wish to use the wardrobe.

Images used within these pages maybe OUT-OF-DATE, main reason for this is I have begun the process of reworking my #RLV folder structure due to recent changes implemented with Peanut N9 for Open Collar as well as a overhaul of the Wardrobe item names/folders to guarantee every matching item folder under the #RLV path structure has a unique key.

Wardrobe dashboard images that have been updated all use the Skin Onyx which is similar to the Catznip viewer skin. Older images will have the default background.

Additionally at the top right corner of every page is an Updated DD month YYYY date, this will give you an idea of how long it has been since I reviewed the page.

Before anyone asks, I am using a combination of Windows “Snipping Tool” and the free “Screenpresso” tool to prepare the images in this tutorial with occasional tweaks using  GIMP 2.

My Wardrobe QR

You can view my wardrobes public link via the QR code or clicking HERE. For me, CTS Wardrobe is my primary tool for dressing/(add) & undressing/(detach) and since it is fundamentally an RLV tool. I therefore place everything attachable within the #RLV\ path.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering or is using to Join the Wardrobe Support Group or copy and past the link below into local chat in your SL viewer. There are plenty of experienced Wardrobians (name given to use by Isa Aristocrat) who are happy to help out any who requires advice.


CTS Wardrobe Tutorial Walk-through

If your new to Wardrobe and are wanting a tutorial to walk through that helps with setting up from scratch, then you should start with the “Basics”. If you don’t own the CTS Wardrobe and interested in purchasing it, there are links on the side bar.

Basics – What you need to know

Advanced – Upping your knowledge

I plan to cover the followIng tutorials in the future; A more in-depth look at Editing, Multi-Edit, Brand Directory, Page Appearance and Rulebook.

Another great resource for learning is Buttacwup Pwincess’s blog or YouTube channel.

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