Updated: 26th October 2019

Firstly, if your here for information on how to setup RLV you need to go back to the parent page. If your here for ideas on how to organize your #RLV folder structure then read on.

You will see a brief rundown of how I organize my own #RLV folder structure along with images showing several examples of a full wardrobe items path structure. I should stress, this is the way I organize my inventory and is a logical methodology for me. The way you organize yours should reflect a method that is logical for you.

1.1.1 #RLV

Lets start with the #RLV root folder structure, here you can see I keep my Level 1 folders fairly flat. The folder paths relevant to CTS Wardrobe are all prefixed with .CTS <name>. I do explain the use of the other four folder paths back on the parent page.

1.1.2 .CTS Appliers

All my appliers HUD’s are stored under the .CTS Appliers structure. The structure here is slightly different in that I first split appliers by type (level 2) and then by creator (level 3). This means the wardrobe items sit at level 4 and sub-folders (if used) at level 5. I have expanded out the appliers for my primary skin as an example to show the full wardrobe path for a given item/object. Obviously appliers are only used when I need to use them.

1.1.3 .CTS Base [items]

Wardrobe items that make up my base outfit all reside under the .CTS Base [items] structure. As with Appliers my level 2 folders are a type folder with creator folders at level 3 and wardrobe items generally at level 4, once again sub-folders (if used) at level 5. I do have some items under GAEG that go down to a level 5 with sub-folders at level 6. I have expanded out my Maitreya body and also my SysBase as examples of full paths. The SysBase items contain the 4 system layer elements required to REZ. If I Opt in to use BOM, I expect to see my SysBase items expand.

1.1.4 .CTS ByCreator

In the next image you can see I have a single folder for each creator/store. The .CTS ByCreator structure. The creator folder sits at level 2, with wardrobe items sitting at level 3 and sub-folders (if used) at level 4. I may have a few that go down to level 5 however this is rare. I have expanded out a Safira wardrobe item to show the full wardrobe path for a given item/object. Reason I used Safira is some of the other folders like Blueberry, Seniha etc have 10+ item folders. A bit hard to capture in a single window image.

You will also notice at the bottom there are two z<name> prefixed folders. These contain wardrobe items using my old method of organizing inventory. When I have spare time I will move the wardrobe items from here into current and new creator folders.

1.1.5 .CTS Hair

Initially my hairs also resided in the .CTS ByCreator folder path, hence why I encapsulate the creator folder between square braces [ ] as a way to group them. Due to the large number of hairs I have from various creators I decided to split them out into their own dedicated folder path. With the exception that they are still encapsulated between square braces [ ]. This structure is identical to my .CTS ByCreator structure.

1.1.6 .CTS Shinnies, zMisc & zRezzables

The remaining three .CTS prefixed folder paths are a bit of a mix match of things.

.CTS Shinnies and .CTS ZMisc in theory could be converted to be stored under the .CTS ByCreator folder path. I probably will do this at some point in the future, its just way down on the priority list of “Things To Do”.

.CTS zRezzables will always have its own path structure as this is were I intend to keep all my Rezzable items for my home etc (future plan) with its structure similar to .CTS Hair. Basically my intention here is to use Wardrobe as a visual catalog along with CTS Archive for archive retrieval.

To continue 2: Wardrobe Setup.