Updated: 11th June 2020
Rather than showing an example were you can have multiple base outfits defined. I am keeping this to the absolute basics by showing an example that incorporates a single wardrobe item that contains links to other objects.

4.1: Overview of how I use Base Outfits

The wardrobe system has a Base Outfits area, this is an excellent feature that streamlines wardrobe usage. I like many others use this, in my case I drag a single wardrobe item into the base outfits area. This is my naked avatar. It is basically a wardrobe item and associated folder under #RLV that consists of links too objects in several other Wardrobe items. I guess you could say this is an Outfit without clothing etc.

Currently I have only built two Base outfit Link Sets in Wardrobe, the others still need to be built. The one I mainly use is 01_Avatar GAEG Mia Elven as you can see by the small icon on the Base Outfits line.

4.2: Setting up Base Outfits

(optional – highly recommended)

To add a Wardrobe item to Base Outfits, first click on Activate editing. You will see it on the right side of the webpage on the Base Outfits line. Once clicked you can now cursor over any item in wardrobe and using standard windows drag and drop functionality to drag any item into the Base Outfits line.

Once finished click on Deactivate editing.

To remove an item from Base Outfits you simply click on the little x in the top right corner for each item in your Base Outfits line, you will see it when in edit mode.

The key with base outfits is making sure your wearing policies are working the way you want them.

Butta has a fairly in depth YouTube tutorial on base outfits.

Now that your at this point and have started adding items and possibly using base outfits. Its important that none of that hard work is lost. Lets now look at backing up your Wardrobe on the 5: Backup & Restore.