Updated: 30th August 2019

5.1: Performing a Backup

I highly recommend you perform regular backups of your wardrobe, I tend to do it once I have finished adding new items to wardrobe at the end of the day before I log out. Others do on a given day of the week. It is really up to you as to how often you feel you need to perform a backup.

To perform a backup you simply click (1) “Backup” icon on the top menu bar and then selecting the folder you want to save the backup too.Backup

Once you have selected were to save the backup will commence downloading your wardrobe data into a ZIP archive with a filename wardrobe_yyyy-mm-dd.

5.2 Restoring from Backup

Restore 1To restore a saved backup then you simply click (1) “Tools” followed by (2) “Restore Backup”. Hopefully you will never have to do this.

I currently have not had to do this, at some point I will do it just to document the rest of the process.

NOTE: If you do not UNZIP your backup file and attempt to do the restore from the ZIP file you will get the following error.Restore Error

Lets now look at 6: Tags.