Updated: 30th August 2019

6.1: Tagging Items

Tagging items in the wardrobe is the key to finding what your looking for quickly and easily. Multiple tags can be entered in the Tag field when adding or editing an item by separating with a , (comma). For example Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3 and so on.

Using a slash between key word within a tag / (forward slash) will result in Hierarchical tagging. For example Color/Black/Gold results in a sub tag of Black under the primary tag Color.

Tags can be expanded or collapsed via the small arrows to the left of a tag.

6.2: Tag Sequence

Unlike in SL inventory were special characters will cause issues with RLV. Tagging can include special characters, the sequence order is as followed:

! # $ % & ( ) * + . / numerics : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ alphabetics | { } – ~ ‘ ”

NOTE 1: If / (forward slash) is used as a first character of a tag it will work but it does look strange cause of its  hierarchical usage so probably best to only use it for hierarchical usage. If used it sits between . (dot) and numerics.

NOTE 2: A , (comma) cannot be used as a tag since its the separator when defining tags.

I currently use several special characters to force tag sequencing. To force some tags to the top of the list I prefix with either # (hash) and . (dot). Then to force the creators to the bottom of the list I prefix with { (left curly brace). I do encapsulate the creator name between both the { } left and right curly braces so it looks nice.

My Wardrobe QRRather than add images here just view my wardrobe to look at how I do Tags. You can view my public read link via the QR code or clicking HERE.

Note: I am constantly tweaking links in an effort to minimize the number of tags I have, yet at the same time not still retain flexibility of narrowing down what I see based on Tag selection.

You can view a fair number of wardrobes at Shared Wardrobes on everything Butta.

That is it in terms of the basics, its now time for you to consolidate what you have learnt via my examples and establish your inventory and wardrobe to work the way that best suits you. I now start going into a new set of tutorials that I have classified as Advanced. Lets start with 7: Archive.