Updated: 24th October 2019

This page is currently a work in progress – 98% done

The CTS Archive product is a separate product released 2019 that provides an archive/backup storage solution that can either be used stand-a-lone or fully integrated with CTS Wardrobe.

I am assuming here that you are either interested in purchasing or have purchased CTS Archive.

I am also assuming if you do own the product that you have at least rezzed an Archive Cabinet and created at lease one or two draws, if not then visit here for initial Help.

All new items I add to my wardrobe, I automatically do the extra step to create the linked archive object. I am also slowly working through the backlog of items already in wardrobe, pulling the backups out of my current home-brew archive inventory HUD solution.

I have three Archive Cabinets REZZED.

  1. Lilith’s Avatar Archive is were I store things like Appliers, Skins, Nails, Hair etc
  2. Lilith’s Wearables is were I archive Shoes, clothing and accessories
  3. Lilith’s Rezzables is were I intend to archive my home, plants, decor etc

Archive 1

Current breakdown of the draws in each of my Archive CabinetsArchive 10

7.1: Creating a Basket

The following provides a step-by-step guide of how I archived my Blueberry Iconic Mega Pack which was used as the example for adding items to Wardrobe. In this case it will ultimately be archived into the Shorts & Tops draw in my Lilith’s Wearables cabinet and linked to the Blueberry 27_Iconic Mega Pack item in Wardrobe.

Archive 2

Clicking the Lilith’s Wearable object will bring up the Archive Menu on the right.

(1) Click on Rez Basket, a text entry dialog will then be presented.

Archive 3

(2) I give it the same name as my Wardrobe item, there is a reason for this that will come clear in later steps. (3) click Submit, the basket will then be rezzed on the ground in front of the unit.

Archive 4

(4) Right click the basket for Edit, the basket edit panel will open. Your only interested in the “Content” tab as per (A) in the image below.

7.2: Adding Contents to the Basket

Back when adding this item to wardrobe I said I took a copy into RLV and not the original unpacked folder from the creator when I purchased it. This is the reason, I now use that original unpacked folder as the source for the archive process.

Archive 5(5) I drag the entire folder to (6) which is the contents of the basket. Once copied click the refresh button (7), you should be able to scroll down and see all 55 items are now copied over from the folder in inventory to the basket. Next right click (8) Blueberry – Iconic – MEGA PACK in inventory and delete, or drag to Trash as it is no longer required. The final step here is to right click (9) the basket and Take it into inventory. If you still have the package laying around in inventory sent by the creator you can also trash it. You can always get a re-delivery if there is ever a need.

7.3: Adding Basket to a Draw & Linking Wardrobe Item

In inventory I now have the basket with the name Blueberry 27_Iconic Mega Pack. Which you can see on the left side of the image below. The next step is to CTL drag this object (10) to the wardrobe Unit (11).Archive 6

Archive 7

A dialog box will open,  I will select the relevant draw or next to be presented with the next set of draws. In this case 9. Shorts & Tops is the best match. I simply click the correct icon (12).

Finally the last dialog box will open, this allows you to link the archived basket with a Wardrobe item. Because I named the basket the same name as the corresponding wardrobe item it will generally match as the first number. I simply click the number 1. Blueberry button (13) to complete the link.

Archive 8

I no-longer have any use to keep the copy of the basket in inventory (10) above, simply right click and delete or drag to Trash.

If you now refresh your webpage view you will now notice the wardrobe item now includes a box icon left of trash. Icon Retrive this Item from Archive This is the retrieve from Archive icon.

7.4: Retrieving a Basket from Archive

To retrieve a basket from archive you find the item in wardrobe.

This can be done several ways. I don’t think there is a better way, it really comes down to what you find works for yourself. In my case I tend to simply limit my view to the creator tag.

Archive 9Lets assume I accidentally deleted a component of my Blueberry 27_Iconic Mega Pack item and I need to recover it. One option is to TP to Blueberry and request a re-delivery. Right who wants to go there, especially on new release day.

The other option is to retrieve it from archive, to do this I would do a tag search on Blueberry. Then scroll and find the item, once found I would click the Retrieve from Archive icon Icon Retrive this Item from Archive. A dialog box will be presented. If all you want to do is retrieve then you simply click OK (1). If you wish to rebuild the archive for any reason (for example product update), you would first check delete (A) and then click OK (1).

7.5: Basket Retrieval Acceptance in Inventory

A standard inventory accept dialog will be waiting for you back in the SL viewer. You simply accept this. If your using Archive baskets, you can simply REZ them and right click for Open to either copy items into inventory or delete items to rebuild.

Archive 11Cause I use Catznip and have configured “Accept In” folders with a specific folder for archive retrieval I always select that folder. In my case (1) Archive Recall followed by (2) Keep.

This results in the basket going into the associated folder within a sub folder that is automatically created as yymmdd. For example, if I retrieve my Blueberry 27_Iconic Mega Pack archive basket on 3rd September 2019 it will end up in inventory in folder path My Inventory\[CTS Archive Baskets Recalled]\190903\

Archive 12
NOTE: Catznip viewer feature

Archive 13I do this to keep my inventory organized as it makes it relatively easy to just cleanup by dragging any yymmdd folder to trash once I no longer require to keep them. Cause of how I organize my folders in inventory these always sit just under trash so its no major dragging.

In the case of rebuilding the archive due to say an update you would first delete the contents of this basket and then using this basket start from 6.2.

For video tutorials on using Archive then visit Butta’s Getting Started with CTS Archive

This is were I am currently at in terms of tutorials, future things I plan to cover are; A more in-depth look at Editing, Multi-Edit, Brand Directory, Page Appearance and Rulebook.