Inworld Closet 1

Updated: 30th September 2018

This page is still to be reviewed

If you use the rezzable in world Closet or board you need to understand that its not like using the wardrobe from a web browser. It uses Shared media to access your page and because of the inherent exposures with Shared Media, the functionality is limited to a handful of options. Basically it has to be limited for privacy/security reasons.

Private ItemAs per the example to the right, any item marked as (1) “Private” [eye icon with Red slash/circle] will not be viewable from the in-world closet.

Lets assume you have rezzed your closet for the first time, which means you should be standing near it, if not you need to be in a 10m range. Now click the HUD to open your wardrobe website page in a browser.

From here select Tools>Configure Closet. You will be presented with a popup window that allows you to select the style of your closet as well as configure your closet.

Under the Closet Style tab you can select the visual style of the closet, as you can see I went with the Love style.

Under the Configuration tab you can set Whose Wardrobe will be shown in the closet.

  1. “My own Wardrobe” – In most cast this will be the setting you will want to use. You can also provide “Who may dress my avatar” details when setting to this mode. Either anyone or you can restrict it to a list of avatars, as you can see in the slideshow below I have granted my SL partner access.
  2. “The Wardrobe of the avatar opening the closet” – Great for areas were you may have multiple closet users wanting to use the same closet.
  3. “The Wardrobe of another avatar” – Here you need to also provide the persons name and their closet key. Personally I can’t think of any reason to set a closet up this way. Your better using the 2nd option.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The functions available via the in-world closet.

First and fore most like all shared media on a prim products you can type in any fields that allow typing and scroll any scroll-able window panels or click any links.

Inworld Closet 7

As per image right, you can click the “Worn Outfits” icon to activate a popup window that allows you to scroll down a list of items you have on and either click on “re-apply” or “take off”



Inworld Closet 8


As per image left, you can also click the “Undress” icon to activate a popup window that allows you to remove items from their relative attachment points.

Inworld Closet 9



Finally as per image right, you can click on the shirt icon of an item to wear it or the undress icon of an item to remove it.


In the image below I have limited the view to only show “{sYs}” and “{Senhia}” tags by typing the tag names in the tag field which is left of the spyglass above the tag panel.

Inworld Closet 2_001.jpg

In addition to the closet there is a single prim board included in the CTS package that you can rez, it works identically as the closet. I have taken this board, adjusted its dimensions and orientation to make it HUD attachable object. I am currently testing this on various regions/parcels to see if it works regardless of parcel settings. I expect it will cause it is using Shared Media.