This is my own page on this group, it is an Unofficial page I maintain on my website to give FlyGearZ some exposure outside of the official Facebook and Flickr accounts.

FlyGearZ is a fully immersive dance event where our audience members are the “Stars” of our show! Everyone dances at a FlyGearZ show!

Currently there is the one home region of FlyGearZ, a 2nd region FlyGearZ Tyme is under Construction. Stay tuned for its opening.

For details on FlyGearZ, please visit the Facebook & Flickr pages.


Dancing at FlyGearz

Ascension Lighting is involved in regular FlyGearZ shows, these are scheduled on the Alley Catz Club calendar.

Ascension Lighting is an Alley Catz Club service focused on providing lighting for 3rd parties.

The fully immersive shows feature the choreography of Jenna Dirval (FlyGearZ) and lighting by myself (Alley Catz Club & Ascension Lighting)!

For further details on MetaHarpers, Ascension Lighting or Alley Catz Club please use the following link.


Ascension Lighting

Alley Catz Club

Show Blog
These are shows that include Lighting, there are many more FlyGearZ events that occur that are not shown.

June 3rd 2023

Moon Dancing

At the amazing Akipelago floating above a lunar crater. Humans & Alian’s came together to dance the night away.

P.S. The Xenomorphs were friendly, they left the facehugger kids at home.

April 22nd 2023

Roaring 20’s

Think flappers, gun mol’s, Gangsters, fedoras and spats when you start pulling your costumes together! A speak-easy theme at the Flyte Theatre.

March 25th 2023

Flyte Bunnies

Impromptu dance party over the lake using the Ascension SkyRig.

February 20th 2023

Happy Birthday Dianna

Special FlyGearZ booking to Celebrate Dianna’s birthday at Flyte Theatre.

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